Is techonology a good thing?

Coming from a person who has a Bachelor degree in Computer Science, spends most of the day on a computer and is completely addicted to her BlackBerry, this is probably a strange question. However, this thought crossed my mind as I drove home from the Sprint store last night.

Yesterday was NOT a good day for cell phones in my family. First of all my BlackBerry started acting up Friday evening. The hour glass wouldn’t go away and was sucking up my battery, I couldn’t receive or send emails, I wasn’t getting Facebook updates and the reaction time on the phone was super slow. So I decided yesterday that enough was enough…time for a trip to the Sprint store. Well not too long after I made this decision I get a call from Danny, who works with my husband, telling me that the hubby’s BlackBerry was lost and if I could look into what it would cost to replace it, that’d be a huge help. Turns out they were cleaning a pontoon boat when my husband kneeled down and felt his cell phone case slip right off his belt and into the lake. Buh bye couple hundred dollar phone and $40 case.

So after one disappointing trip to the Sprint store they fix my phone, but at the cost of hundreds of my photos (including my daughter’s first Halloween) and a huge list of books that I’d like to read (I had been collecting titles for the past few months). Plus, it turns out it’s going to cost $100 to replace my husband’s phone, despite the fact that we have insurance on it. Both of these things led me to wonder if we truly are better without some of the new technology we have today. If I had used a regular digital camera, chances are I’d still have all my pics. Had my husband not wanted a BlackBerry for the business, he’d probably have had a cheap phone that wouldn’t be so expensive to replace.

The conclusion I came to is yes, in most cases technology is good. One of the only times I ever would disagree with this is when you’re trying to call a company and get an automated system. Nothing is more frustrating than spending 20 mins on the phone hitting buttons (especially if you have a loud kid in the background and you miss the choices the first time around…lol), just so you can speak to a live person. Then you finally get someone and realize you made the wrong choices and you have to wait to talk to someone else. So frustrating. LOL Other than that, I’d say technology definitely betters our life.

I remember the days before the Internet. Having to sit in a library, trying to figure out the card catalog and when you finally did, hoping the book you were looking for was not checked out. Granted part of me misses the library feel, but writing reports and doing research for school is a billion times easier when you can just Google what you’re looking for.

Also, as far as the BlackBerry is concerned, I completely blame myself. Computers crash, phones break, etc. I know this. It’s my own stupid fault for not backing up what I had on there. Even if I had, had the pics on a digital camera, who’s to say I wouldn’t lose it or even break that? Hell if they were just pics that I had developed from a regular camera, they could be caught in a fire. Things happen and unfortunately we just have to deal with it. I can’t blame my cell phone for my stupidity. Plus, I’m one of those people that just loves that I can access everything in one place. It’s ultra convenient and now that I’m addicted there is no way in hell I’m giving it up.

There are probably a hundred other examples that I can give, but I’m pretty sure I’ve rambled on long enough. So I guess the moral of this story is technology = good, not backing up important things = bad. Better to learn from my mistakes than learning the hard way like I did!


~ by lisa pollard on August 25, 2009.

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