Ahhhh…the offical start of NFL football

I wanted to blog on this before the official start of the NFL football season, but unfortunately time got away from me last week.  I didn’t grow up a football fan, but over the years my love for the game has grown immeasurably.  I always get excited this time of year for the official beginning of the season.  Plus, with it brings fantasy football, another favorite past time of mine (my team one this week btw…w00t! lol).

Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions

So being a football fan in the Detroit area is not an easy job.  As everybody knows it’s been something like 50 years since this area has seen a winning professional football team.  None-the-less, I continue to watch and continue to get my heart broken by them weekly.  Although I think I’ve pretty much become numb to it by now.  Will they go 0 and 32?  I seriously hope not.

New England Patriots

New England Patriots

Now like any true Lions fan, I have a back up team…one that is less likely to break my heart on a weekly basis.  For me this team is the New England Patriots.  I started watching them because of my love for Tom Brady, which started when I watched him during his days at UofM, but over the years I’ve grown to love the team too.  While last season was a disappointment without Brady at the helm, this year looks to be much better.  I certainly hope so!  It’s no fun when your backup team doesn’t do that great either.


~ by lisa pollard on September 15, 2009.

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