Picture Perfect Memories Scattered all Around the Floor

“Picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor…”

I’d have to say the above opening line from Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” is probably one of my all time favorite lyrics.  I imagine the same thing every time I hear that line…there is a woman sitting on hardwood floor in the middle of a large dimly lit room.  She is facing away with her head down.  Memory boxes and Polaroids are scattered everywhere around her, as if she’d been sifting through the good times in her life and is sad that they are behind her.

I honestly have no idea why these words seem to resonate so strongly with me, but every time I hear them I find myself wondering what the “picture perfect memories” from my life would be.  The only Christmas Eve I remember where my parents are together, my late Papa calling me his “baby doll” and singing (VERY loudly) “You’re in the Army Now” to get me to wake up in the morning, the day I got married and the day my daughter was born are just a few that come to mind.

Then I often find myself thinking about what I’m doing now to create more “picture perfect memories”.  The answer to that is – not enough.  I recently realized that I’ve been living my life on the sidelines.  I’m constantly looking at other people’s lives and wishing for certain things.  Well you know what they say about wishing and dreaming…. I realize now that it’s time for me to stop being a bystander to my own life.  I need to take charge of it and start making the changes I need to make in order to have more “picture perfect memories”.  There should be no “one day I’ll…”.  There should be “I’m doing this so…”.  Does that make sense?

I realize I’m being a little evasive by not talking about the things that I want to change, but these things are very personal and I’m just not ready to share yet.  Maybe as I accomplish my goals I’ll be more ready to talk about them.  But in the meantime, I challenge you to not live your life on the sidelines.  If you want to take a trip, start saving.  Even if it’s only a $1 a week to start, eventually you’ll be able to put in more and $1 towards your trip is better than no money towards it!  Maybe you don’t want to take a trip, but you’ve always talked about wanting to take up photography.  Grab your camera and start taking pictures!   You may not have a clue what you’re doing but it’s a start!  You can always sign up for a class later.  In the meantime mess around and see what you come up with!   My point is, whatever you are putting off – don’t.  There is no better time than now!


~ by lisa pollard on April 30, 2010.

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