What are your favorite blog(s)?


What's your favorite blog(s)?

Do you have your own blog or have a few favorites you’d like to share with me? If so now is the time! I’m looking for some good blog suggestions that I can add to my reader.  So if you want to do some shameless self promotion, help promote a friend, or just want to share with me a blog that you really love, please do!

As a bonus for sharing the blog(s) with me, I will add them to the Blogs I like” section of my homepage.  The only caveat is that it is subject to content approval.  I will not link to any blogs that I find offensive in any way…you’re in luck, though, because there is not an awful lot that offends me.  LOL

So please post away, because I’m looking forward to finding some new and exciting blogs to read! 🙂


~ by lisa pollard on April 21, 2011.

6 Responses to “What are your favorite blog(s)?”

  1. http://lifeofabeagle.blogspot.com/
    Thanks so much because these are newer blogs and I am trying to get more readers so I can have more giveaways to offer. On the beagle 1 I will have 3 giveaways within the next few weeks

  2. You are very welcome! Your blogs have been added. 🙂

  3. Hi, I found your blog via For the Love of Blogs and just followed.

    My blog is about creative inspiration and I post my photography, art, quotes, etc. . .

    I see you also like music so u might like my other blog:
    For the love of House Music

  4. Hi, Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really like you’re blogs! They have been added to the list!

  5. I apologize if my blog is found to be offensive. I found your site while looking for related posts from Zemanta while writing a post tonight. I am currently working on a project for my blog that allows any blogger who wants their favorite post bundled collectively with like-minded bloggers. If you want to have one of your favorite posts included just leave the link on the “I Want To Publish Your Favorite Post” post. Just FYI.

    I’m tired so I hope what I wrote makes sense.


  6. Tom,

    Few things…your post made total sense, I LOVE your blog name (and your blog looks interesting too), and I’ve added you to my list. 🙂 Don’t worry about offending me because it takes A LOT. I work in IT, which means I work with mostly men. I’m used to all sorts of things that most people would deem “offensive” and “inappropriate”…in fact, I join right in. LOL Your blog name is highly amusing and clever, as far as I’m concerned. 🙂

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