It’s a Shame We Have to Grow Up and Lose Our Innocence

The other day we were waiting in the drive thru line at McDonald’s, so I could get the kid a Happy Meal (side note – I honestly feel they put something in their nuggets that makes kids addicted to them…lol).  The McDonald’s just happens to be next to a severely fire damaged restaurant that we’ve taken her to many times.  Below is a picture that I took of it:

The restaurant caught the kid’s eye and resulted in the following conversation:

The kid: Mama, what happened to the fish restaurant? (They had a tropical fish tank that she loved, so the restaurant got nicknamed that.)

Me: They had a really bad fire, sweetie, and the roof fell down.

The kid: Someone needs to fix it with some band-aids and tape!

Gotta love the simplicity of that statement.  It got me thinking about how easy things seem when we are young.  To a 4-year-old you can fix a burned down restaurant with some band-aids and tape.  As an adult we see the heartbreak of someone losing their business and most likely their dream.  We think of the lost jobs and how much it’ll cost to rebuild the restaurant, IF they can afford to rebuild it.

When growing up we spend so much time wishing we were older that we miss the chance to really enjoy our innocence.  It really is a shame that we eventually have to become jaded adults.  I miss the days where everything seemed so easy; where a band-aid or a kiss from my parent could make everything better.  I miss when life was simple.


~ by lisa pollard on May 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “It’s a Shame We Have to Grow Up and Lose Our Innocence”

  1. I miss that, too. One of the neatest things about parenting for me has been to see that innocence again. I’ll never get to experience it first-hand again, but getting to experience it vicariously through someone else is such a gift. I understand why some people don’t want to have kids, but . . . man, I would have missed so much, to see that sparkle of awe at the simple discoveries in each day.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Deborah! I love watching my daughter as she discovers new things! She finds so much happiness in a dandelion, when we just look at them as weeds. It really helps to give a bit of perspective on things. 🙂

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