5 Bands/Singers You Are Probably Missing Out On

Thanks to a good friend of mine, over the past few years I have been introduced to all sorts of great bands and singers that are rarely, if ever played on the radio.  In light of this, I thought I’d pass on, what I consider to be, my top 5 discoveries (in no particular order) from the past few years. 🙂

1.  Badly Drawn Boy – His music is very unique.  I still remember the very first song I heard by him; The Shining off his album The Hour of Bewilderbeast.  The horns and the violin were so unique and so beautiful.  If you’re looking for something really different, I’d give him a try.  You won’t be disappointed!  Below is one of my favorite songs by Badly Drawn Boy called Disillusion.  Oh and if you like that you should also check out Everybody’s Stalking, another one of my favorites by him. 🙂

2. Wilco – Since I first heard this band they have quickly become one of my top 3 favorites.  From California Stars to You and I to I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, you can’t go wrong.  Below is another one of my favorites called Pot Kettle Black.  Enjoy!

3. Jonathan Kingham – Never heard of him until I went to a Glen Phillips concert and Jonathan opened.  He was funny, charming and insanely talented.  I really have a hard time believing he’s not on the radio, but I have yet to hear him there.  Some of my favorite songs by him are Grace, Real Woman, and his cover of Bobby Brown’s Every Little StepHowever my favorite song by him has to be All That’s Really Missing is You.  Unfortunately, there is no YouTube video of Jonathan playing this song, but you can go to the discography page on his website, click on the song and play it.  You can also play many of his other songs on the page too.  🙂

4. Patty Griffin – If you like women with strong, passionate voices, you’ll love Patty Griffin.  I love pretty much every song I’ve ever heard of hers; though some of her standouts are Forgiveness, Sweet Lorraine, and Time Will Do the Talking.

5. Beautiful South – If you like good music that is also fun, then you’ll love this band.  They have some really great music that never fails to make me smile.  Some of their best songs are Perfect 10, A Little Time, and Everybody’s Talkin’.  Though I do have to say my all time favorite is Don’t Marry Her, which you can listen to below.

Do you have any recommendations that fit this category?  I love learning about new bands/singers, so please feel free to share! 🙂


~ by lisa pollard on May 27, 2011.

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