30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 6 – Favorite superhero and why

Well I missed yesterday, but I didn’t want to bombard all of you with a giveaway post, an award post, and then a 30 day blog challenge post.  I hope you can forgive me! 😉

So don’t tell my hubby, but my all time favorite superhero is He-Man.  If he knew I was telling people this he’d roll his eyes and then explain to me why Spider-Man is, without a doubt, far more superior.  LOL  He can go ahead and believe that…but he’s wrong.  😉

Don’t get me wrong, Spider-Man is cool.  I loved the first two movies with Toby McGuire as Spiderman, but He-Man would kick his butt any day.  Let’s go over their stats:

1. He-Man literally turns into He-man because he has the “power of Greyskull”.  Spider-Man wears a costume to become Spider-Man.

2. He-Man has a sword AND the “power of Greyskull”.  Spider-Man has web that shoots out of his wrists and can climb walls.

3. He-Man rides a tiger named Cringer (a TIGER…how bad ass is that?!?).  Spider-Man doesn’t have a wild animal to ride. 

4.  He-Man’s other persona is Prince Adam.  Spider-Man’s other persona is a regular old High School kid named Peter Parker.

5. He-Man has a kick ass long-lost sister named She-Ra.  Spider-Man is an only child.

Mind you the above is all true in jest, because I really do kinda like love Spider-Man.  I just grew up watching He-Man…it was my all time favorite cartoon (well that, Scooby-Doo, and Jem…LOL).  I have a ginormous bag of He-Man and She-Ra characters that I used to play with constantly.  I played with those way more than I did Barbies (until I hit 5th grade, that is).  I remember going over my best friend Brian’s house and we’d play He-Man for hours.  He had Greyskull Castle, which I was always jealous of excited to play with. 🙂  I’m still mad at my mom for talking me into selling all of my He-Man and She-Ra action figures in a garage sale.  I’d have loved to hoard go back and look at them now.

Oh and for those of you who haven’t heard they have a new He-Man moving coming out.  It’s rumored to be out this year or next and will likely be called either Masters of the Universe or Greyskull.  Riddle: Who has two thumbs and will be there opening night?  That’s right – this girl. 🙂  I can’t wait!

So who was your favorite superhero as a child?  Do you really think they could stack up against He-Man?  I’d like to see you try in the comments below! 😉


~ by lisa pollard on June 9, 2011.

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