A letter to someone who has hurt you recently – Day 13 of my 30 Day blog challenge

Be warned, there is a tiny bit of swearing in here and a whole lot of bitterness and anger.  Felt good to get it out, even if they never will see it.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Previous Homeowner/Conartist (names kept out of this for obvious reasons),

I wonder how you can look at yourself in the mirror and be okay with what you see.  Do you feel good about how you tricked the “nice couple” with the “adorable daughter” into buying your house?  Do you laugh to yourself at how stupid we were?  How we bent over backwards to accommodate the “poor old couple who were losing the house they custom built and raised their family in”?

I hope you realize how lucky you are that we didn’t call the cops on your creepy son who came and took stuff out of the house when we had already been given the keys the day before.  Technically he was trespassing, but we let that slide, even though he took the only garage door remote you left us.  What did he need that for?  To break into there one day too?  Not to mention when he came back to talk to us on Sunday he literally sexually harassed my sister-in-law.  You raised a real winner there…just like you. 

I just want you to know that on some level you will not get away with this.  We’ll likely win in arbitration, but I’m guessing you’re going to pretend you have no money.  Only you’ll know if you’re truly lying, but I suspect that you are.  We found the hiding places you had in the house (the closet floor, the sauna floor, etc) and I’m guessing you had lots of cash stuffed in there.  We know you bought a fancy new condo and furnished it with new appliances.  Your credit is shot thanks to you losing the house, so how could you possibly pull that off?  Exactly.  We’re not as stupid as you think we are.  So you’ll probably get away with a slap on the wrist, but I’ll have you know that karma is free and she’s a real bitch.  So you better watch out because you have a lot of bad karma coming your way.

Thanks for nothing,



~ by lisa pollard on June 17, 2011.

10 Responses to “A letter to someone who has hurt you recently – Day 13 of my 30 Day blog challenge”

  1. wow! Instant Karma’s gonna get them!

  2. Ugh, that’s terrible. So sorry!

  3. Wow – sorry for the bad experience! They will get theirs one day …

    Visiting from VB… April

  4. Wow….what a** holes. I’m sure they’ll get theirs one way or another. The best revenge is being the best people you can be. Screw ’em…..may their toilets forever overflow and their bladders forever leak 🙂

    Sharon from voiceBoks

    • LMAO! I can always count on you to make me laugh! Funny that you mention leaky bladders because they left us with 2 leaky faucets, a leaky tub, a leaky roof and a leaky inground pool. I see a theme….

  5. I agree, Karma will take care of them one way or another! They sound like really rotten people.

    • I agree Nikki, they are rotten. I just don’t know how you can knowingly do that to someone. Stare them in the eye and know you are royally screwing them over. It takes all kinds, I guess!

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