So You Think You Can Dance – Top 20, Week 1

I’m a little behind because I didn’t get a chance to watch all of the performances from this week until last night.  In light of this I’m going to combine my performance thoughts with my results thoughts.  So if you HAVE NOT watched the results show yet…you might want to stop reading now.  😀 Here are my thoughts:

Jordan and Tad – African Jazz: I really liked this.  There were a ton of unique and hard tricks in the dance.  All in all I was glad to see they didn’t make it to the bottom 3 couples.

Sasha and Alexander – Contemporary:  Awesome.  Simply awesome.  I’d admit right now that contemporary is my favorite dance style and Travis Wall is one of the best choreographers on the show, if not THE best.  They did an amazing job with his beautiful choreography.  Again, I was glad to see these two did not end up in the bottom 3.

Jess and Clarice – Broadway: I agree with the judges…Jess was unreal in this dance.  However, he should be since this is his niche.  For the most part, though, I’d say Clarice kept up with him.  Other than that, this dance was just “meh” for me.  I love broadway musicals, but I’m not extremely into a standalone broadway dance.  I was not surprised to find they were in the bottom 3.

Ryan and Ricky – Lyrical Hip Hop: First of all I love, love, love the song Ain’t no Sunshine When She’s Gone, so hearing them dance to that (even though it was a remake) made me smile.  Secondly I thought they both did a really good job.  I was happy to see they weren’t in the bottom 3.

Caitlynn and Mitchell…errr Robert – Jazz: I didn’t like Sonya’s work the first year she choreographed on SYTYCD, but over the years it’s grown on me.  I thought Caitlynn danced it amazingly and it was nice to see Robert again.  Again, I’m glad to see she wasn’t in the bottom 3.

Miranda and Robert – Jive: I have to say that, that this probably the only Jive I’ve ever enjoyed on SYTYCD.  They did such a good job!  I just wish that Robert would get rid of the “Woooooooo!”…I find it grating.  I don’t think they deserved bottom 3, personally.

Missy and Wadi – Jazz: I have mixed emotions about this one.  I thought this dance was unbelievable.  The choreography was really, really hard.  However, there were times when they were dancing side by side and it felt like their timing was off.  That one was going just a hair faster than the other.  I just watched the video again and it seemed that way to me again.  Maybe it was just me.  Either way, though, I think they did good enough to stay out of the bottom 3.

Melanie and Marko – Contemporary: If I was a dancer and I pulled Travis wall as my choreographer, I’d be thanking the heavens above.  This was by far my favorite dance of the night.  Melanie remains one of my favorite dancers.  Wow…just wow.  I would’ve been a shock if they had ended up in the bottom 3.

Ashley and Chris – Hip Hop:  I have to be honest, this dance did nothing for me.  Neither one of them stood out to me.  I was glad to see they were in the bottom 3.

Iveta and Nick – Quickstep: Loved Nick, thought he was great…again Iveta did nothing for me.  I’m just not a fan of hers.  I was sad to see that Nick was paired with her, as I really like him.  I was very surprised that these 2 didn’t end up in the bottom 3 for the mere fact that almost everyone who does the Quickstep does.  LOL

So nobody went home this week.  I was actually happy about that.  I do like the idea of getting to know the contestants a little bit better before sending them home.  What do you guys think?

In parting, I’ll leave you with a video of my favorite dance from Wednesday:



~ by lisa pollard on June 17, 2011.

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  1. Man, I love DWTS!!!!

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