A picture of you and your family, Day 14 of my 30 Day Blog Challenge

1 picture?!? Impossible.  My family is huge and spread out, so like my friendship post here are several pics of my family (most include me).  🙂

Above is my family in the truest form. 🙂  My hubby, Keith, the kid and myself.  This was Halloween of 2009. 

Okay so the wedding pics I’m going to share with you are almost 9 years old now.  Sue me.  I’m way behind on getting photos on my computer and I’m really bad about putting myself in pics, cuz I hate the way I look.  LOL  The above pic is of (from left to right) my Dad, Chris (step-mom), me, hubby, and Erin (step-sister who I refer to as a sister cuz we are so close).

Yes another wedding photo…deal with it. 😛  Top row (from left to right) Micah (brother-in-law), Noelle (step-sister), Renee (step-sister), and Mike (brother-in law).  Bottom row (from left to right) Mom, hubby, Jim (step-dad), and me.  This is one of my favorite photos of all of us. 

Okay, okay last wedding picture (figured I’d get them all out of the way…LOL).  Top row (from left to right): Tom (brother-in-law), Kevin (brother-in-law), Alex (cousin), Erin (sister), cheating whore my ex-sister-in-law (she doesn’t deserve to have her name known), Jessica (sister-in-law).  Bottom row (from left to right) Bill (hubby’s best friend who is like a brother to him), hubby, me, Hillary (my best friend who is like a sister to me).

I love this photo as it has 4 generations of women in it.  Back row (from left to right): Lucy (Aunt), Me.  Bottom row (from left to right) the kid, my mom, and my Gran.  This was taken Easter of 2008 or 2009…lol I don’t remember.

This is Tom and Bonnie, my in-laws, with the kid on her first birthday.  Man she is sooo young there!

This is me with my two younger cousins Alex (left) and Jeff (right).  If you are keeping track, yes that is the same Alex from the group wedding picture above.  LOL  Changed a bit hasn’t he?  Alex is 10 years younger than me and Jeff is 13 years younger than me, so I grew up babysitting them.  Now they are both amazing young men and it makes me feel really, really old.  LOL  Alex graduated this year from Michigan State University and just got accepted to the dental program at UofD – Mercy.  Not an easy feat, I am so proud of him!  Jeff is a sophomore at Michigan State University and is doing well there!   Can you tell how much I love these two?  LOL

This is the kid, my niece Brynn and my nephew Brandon all squashed on my lap.  LOL  They were helping me celebrate the 1st anniversary of my 29th birthday! 🙂

I couldn’t resist adding this picture of my dad to the mix.  He can be so straight-laced sometimes and other times he’s just a total goofball.  LOL  He does dorky things on purpose just to make people laugh and this was one of those times.  I have to admit, he always makes me laugh…even if it is in horror at how dorky he can be.  LOL

Last but not least I wanted to share with you a picture with you of my wonderfully Polish step-family.  Every year we get the extended family together and do a potluck at a KofC hall.  Every year we also do a family picture like this one.  Do you know how long it takes to get this many Polish people organized (I say this with the utmost love and affection)?!? Normally upwards to 20 mins.  It gets really hot standing in a crowd this big.  This family is awesome, let me tell you.  I’ve been a part of it for a very long time and they have never once made me feel like a “step” anything.  I’ve always felt like a blood relative.  That means a lot to me.  On a side note…look at what the kid is doing in the picture.  We have several takes of this and each time she’s making a funny face.  She had just learned how to do this from my MIL and thought it was hysterical…frankly the hubby and I did too.  Love that kid…she’s such a goofball.

So there’s a good portion of my family.  As you can see I’m incredibly blessed to have a ton of amazing people in my life.  You can also see why it’s so hard to keep the kid’s birthday parties to a reasonable size.  LOL  Ugh. 😉


~ by lisa pollard on June 18, 2011.

4 Responses to “A picture of you and your family, Day 14 of my 30 Day Blog Challenge”

  1. Love the photos! Your makeup was so pretty in you wedding photos! Where can I get a necklace like your Dads? LOL

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 As for the necklace…Check your local Halloween store! 😉 LOL

  2. I love a big family! We have 2 birthday parties a year for each kid – it’s a lot but it’s all we can fit in the house! you are blessed!

    • Wow, you have more patience than I do! LOL For the past 4 years we’ve rented a place to have the party. I’m so glad that our new house will fit everyone next year!!! (mind you everyone in the huge family photo, won’t be there…lol)

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