So You Think You Can Dance – Top 20, Week 2

Below are my thoughts on last night’s dances/couples:

1. Caitlynn and Mitchell: Wow.  I just loved this dance.  They both did an amazing job and the visuals created were incredible!  I loved her dancing in the front chair and him in the back chair.  

2. Ryan and Ricky: Holy sexy!  This dance was another one of my favorites, further proving why Ryan is one of my favorite contestants this season!

3. Iveta and Nick:  They weren’t bad.  I definitely think Nick was better than Iveta, but I’m sure I’m biased because I can’t stand her.  LOL  I know the judges raved about them, but others before them have done Bollywood so much better.

4. Clarice and Jess: I thought they were a lot better than the judges said the were.  They claimed they saw a disconnected when the couple danced together, but I didn’t see it.  Regardless, they weren’t the very best last night, but certainly not the worst.

5. Missy and Wadi: I thought they were pretty good.  They didn’t stand out to me like some of the others, but I did enjoy watching them dance.

6. Ashley and Chris: 1 of my 2 favorite dances last night.  Simply awesome.  The stunts and the unique choreography combined with stellar dancing was so much fun to watch!

7. Melanie and Marko: I thought they did a really good job with what they were given.  Wasn’t overly thrilled about the choreography though.  It just didn’t do much for me. 

8. Sasha and Alexander: The other of my 2 favorite dances.  I love Nappy Tabs…every year they share with us the most amazing stories through their choreography.  Anything that has to do with soldiers coming home always makes me cry and this was no different.  Sasha and Alexander did a great job bringing Nappy Tabs’ story to life.

9. Jordan and Tadd: The Viennese Waltz is always one of my favorite dances.  The visuals normally created by the choreography, the lighting, and the costumes are always incredibly romantic.  This dance was no different and Jordan and Tadd did an amazing job with it.  Loved it!

10. Miranda and Robert:  I thought they did very well and was sooo happy there was no “Woooo” from Robert.

Who should be in the bottom 3: 

1. Iveta and Nick

2. Missy and Wadi

3. Clarice and Jess

Whos should go home: Iveta and Wadi

In closing I’ll leave you with the 2 best dances from last night:



~ by lisa pollard on June 23, 2011.

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