If dreams are a window to one’s soul, I am in big trouble!

I ran across the above quote and absolutely fell in love with it.  I’ve often heard that dreams are reflections of what is inside your head …your mind’s way of working out what it can’t when you are awake.  Well, if this is true I am in BIG trouble.

For the most part I dream normal dreams just like everyone else.  However, a few times a year I’ll have a dream right out of a horror movie.  A dream so messed up that YEARS later I can still remember it.

For example at least 10 years ago I had a dream that I walk out the door of a beach house and was walking across the beach when someone I didn’t see walked up to me and cut my head off.  The entire dream was from my own point of view, so one minute I was walking across the beach and the next, my decapitated, yet still alive head was on the beach.  I remember looking out from new lower vantage point at the water and then turning (how I don’t know) and looking back at the beach house I had just left.  It was then that I woke up.

Not completely convinced yet?  How about the time I was in a hotel trying to find a serial killer that was grinding up their murder victims bodies in the hotel’s meat grinder.

I’d hate to see what a dream interpreter would have to say about my dreams.  LOL  Especially since those two are relatively tame.  There is one specifically that is so disturbing it could be straight out of a horror movie.  I’d rather not rehash it.  LOL  I can’t even begin to imagine what these dreams might say about me…

How about you?  Do you have strange dreams like mine?  Please tell me you and I’m not crazy! LOL

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~ by lisa pollard on July 4, 2011.

4 Responses to “If dreams are a window to one’s soul, I am in big trouble!”

  1. I have a lot of very bizarre dreams. I used to dream more frequently than I do these days, but I’ve even had dreams that have come true (don’t laugh, I’m totally serious). My son and I were just talking about this subject tonight. I’ve even had dreams where I could fly. It was cool!

    The worst dreams I have are the ones where I dream that I wake up but I’m actually still asleep dreaming. I’m always scared of something and trying to wake up, but can’t do it. Another bad dream I have frequently is of being unable to turn any lights on. I’m usually trying to get away from something scary.

    You’re not alone!

    Visiting from voiceBoks!

    • LOL! Thanks Christina! That makes me feel a little better!! I also have bizarre dreams, but those are different from the scary ones that keep me up at night. It’s rare that I just have a nice, “normal” kind of dream. LOL Guess that means I’m not normal…but I already knew that. 😉

  2. My worst dream ever was so realistic (I hope I never experience the reality) that I avoided visiting San Francisco once when I had the chance to visit. It was about 20 years ago. I dreamed I was buried, trapped in a building that (I don’t know how I knew the cause but I did) had collapsed due to an earthquake. Brrrrr. Never had any dream quite like that before or since.

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