My Middle Name

Well the kid was at it again tonight.  LOL

The kid:  “Lisa!” *pauses and then when I don’t respond* “Lisa!”

Me: *jokingly* “Lisa?  Who’s Lisa?”

The kid: “You!” *laughs*

Me: “Me?  My name isn’t Lisa, it’s Mom.”

The kid: *completely serious* “Your middle name is Lisa…your first name is Mom.”

Where does she come up with this stuff?  LOL  Silly girl.

This post was written for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.


~ by lisa pollard on July 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “My Middle Name”

  1. My son pointed out my name is Gina Naomi and if you rearange the letters in both names Gina spells ‘I nag’ and Naomi spells ‘I moan’ !! Kids huh!

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