So You Think You Can Dance – Week 4

I know, I know, I missed last week!  With the holiday things got a little insane, so I apologize to anyone who might have been looking forward to my comments.  Okay so that was none of you?  Good…moving on. 😉  LOL

Since I have such a hard time fitting 2 hours of TV in on Wednesdays I didn’t get a chance to finish watching the show until yesterday and then immediately watched the results.  So for that reason my thoughts on the dancing and the results are combined.

The guys group dance: This was so unbelievably unique and cool.  It was one of my favorite dances of the evening.  The way they some of them used their clothes as part of the dance, was just extremely cool.  I think it was Chris who had the maroon hooded sweatshirt on?  The way he manipulated the hood was almost creepy.  LOL  Loved it, loved it, loved it.  Can’t say that enough.

Melanie and Marko: Once again these two brought it.  Loved the music, the costumes and the choreography.  It was no shocked they weren’t in the bottom 3.

Sasha and Alexander: This routine bored the heck out of me.  I don’t know if it was them or the choreography or both, but yuck.  It was a crime they weren’t in the bottom 3…they definitely deserved to be there.

Jordand and Tadd: I just love the Smooth Waltz, like the Vinnese, it is so romantic and flowing.  The costumes and the visuals always take my breath away and this time was no different.  I guess I see why they were in the bottom 3 when you compare them to the others, but it’s times like this where it breaks my heart to see them there.

Clarice and Jess: I loved this.  It was nice to see Jess do something that didn’t call on his Broadway background.  I also think their chemistry, as a couple, has gotten better.  I found the emotion to be very believable.  I was glad to see them not end up in the bottom 3.

Ashley and Rich: This was just awful.  I felt no smoldering from either one of them and definitely no chemistry between them.  It was like watching two cold fish dance.  They definitely deserved to end up in the bottom 3.  As a side note…when you were watching them did some of the moves remind you of parts from Dirty Dancing?  I kept getting flashes of that movie as I watched them.  LOL

Ryan and Ricky:  This was so creepily fantastic that I can’t even stand it!  The dance was incredibly unique and they were totally believable.  So much so that they were freaky looking as they danced.  I don’t have a clue why they ended up in the bottom 3.  Ricky gets on my nerves a bit, but I love Ryan and frankly it’s not about personality.  If you looking at their dancing skills they were way better than a lot of the other couples, especially Sasha and Alexander.

Caitlynn and Mitchell: What is it with dances this year bringing me to tears?  LOL  The emotion in this dance was just so beautiful, as were the moves.  The part where Caitlynn was doing the sideways splits and then jumps up and basically folds herself around Mitchell with her back to him, was unbelievable.  Another favorite dance of mine for the night.  Glad they didn’t end up in the bottom 3.

The girls group dance:  Why is it each week the women are killing men in their dances?  LOL  This dance was decent, but after the guys group dance there was no way this could hold a candle to it.


I think without a doubt Ashely was the right choice to go home.  Between her performances over the past few weeks and her solos, I just haven’t been all that impressed.  With the guys, however, I was a bit torn.  I ultimately think Chris was probably the right choice, but if you solely look at Tadd’s solo last night it definitely should’ve been him.  It was insanely underwhelming.  All in all though, I think the right choices were made.

Like usual below are a few of my favorite dances from the night.  Enjoy!



~ by lisa pollard on July 8, 2011.

5 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance – Week 4”

  1. I love this show…thanks for the review. I didn’t watch it this week since my daughter, the dancer, wasn’t here to watch it with me. I love Melanie and Marko…they’re amazing. That dance of Caitlyn and Mitchell’s was beautiful too, though!

    • Your daughter is a dancer? Very cool! What kind of style? My 4 year old just had her very first ballet class last night. It was sooooo cute! 🙂

  2. I’m watching a taping of SYTYCD next week! I don’t follow the show closely, but I do love watching the videos friends link to me, once I’ve escaped the office. 😉

    • LOL I know all about “escaping the office”. SYTYCD is by far my all time favorite reality competition show. I’m completely addicted! 🙂

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