Please Check Out My Latest Guest Post at Coupons Make Cents!

Elizabeth at Coupons Make Cents was kind enough to let me write a guest post for her blog!  You can read my guest post entitled If you are what you eat, my daughter would be a chicken nugget here.  Also, while you’re there show her some love by checking out the rest of her blog; she has all kinds of information on how to save money! 🙂


~ by lisa pollard on July 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “Please Check Out My Latest Guest Post at Coupons Make Cents!”

  1. been trying to find you a template, ended up with a new one on my blogger blog.

    • LMAO! That’s hysterical! That site you gave me ended up working out beautifully! There is one I liked on there a bit more than the one I’m using, but there was so much going on at the top of the template that no matter what color I changed the blog title and tagline to, it just didn’t show up well. I’m really disappointed, but the more I’m fixing up this new template the more I’m really starting to like it. Since you are the one that suggested the site to me, when it’s all said and done would you mind taking a look before the big reveal, to make sure all is in order? I’d really appreciate it! Thanks again for the site rec too! 😀

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