Giveaway from New Chapter Turmeric Force

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Yesterday I posted a review for New Chapter Turmeric Force from  Today I’m excited to announce that would like to give one of my readers a free, 30 soft gel, bottle of New Chapter Turmeric Force!  Trust me when I say this is a giveaway you should enter!!!

Here are the details:

The giveaway will end 7.22.11 at 11:59 p.m. EST.  At that time I will pick a winner using  The winner will be announced via post and emailed.  Once contacted the winner will have 72 hours to respond with their mailing address or another winner will be picked.

This giveaway is open to US Residents only.  Participants must be 18 years or older.

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So You Think You Can Dance – Week 4

•July 8, 2011 • 5 Comments

I know, I know, I missed last week!  With the holiday things got a little insane, so I apologize to anyone who might have been looking forward to my comments.  Okay so that was none of you?  Good…moving on. 😉  LOL

Since I have such a hard time fitting 2 hours of TV in on Wednesdays I didn’t get a chance to finish watching the show until yesterday and then immediately watched the results.  So for that reason my thoughts on the dancing and the results are combined.

The guys group dance: This was so unbelievably unique and cool.  It was one of my favorite dances of the evening.  The way they some of them used their clothes as part of the dance, was just extremely cool.  I think it was Chris who had the maroon hooded sweatshirt on?  The way he manipulated the hood was almost creepy.  LOL  Loved it, loved it, loved it.  Can’t say that enough.

Melanie and Marko: Once again these two brought it.  Loved the music, the costumes and the choreography.  It was no shocked they weren’t in the bottom 3.

Sasha and Alexander: This routine bored the heck out of me.  I don’t know if it was them or the choreography or both, but yuck.  It was a crime they weren’t in the bottom 3…they definitely deserved to be there.

Jordand and Tadd: I just love the Smooth Waltz, like the Vinnese, it is so romantic and flowing.  The costumes and the visuals always take my breath away and this time was no different.  I guess I see why they were in the bottom 3 when you compare them to the others, but it’s times like this where it breaks my heart to see them there.

Clarice and Jess: I loved this.  It was nice to see Jess do something that didn’t call on his Broadway background.  I also think their chemistry, as a couple, has gotten better.  I found the emotion to be very believable.  I was glad to see them not end up in the bottom 3.

Ashley and Rich: This was just awful.  I felt no smoldering from either one of them and definitely no chemistry between them.  It was like watching two cold fish dance.  They definitely deserved to end up in the bottom 3.  As a side note…when you were watching them did some of the moves remind you of parts from Dirty Dancing?  I kept getting flashes of that movie as I watched them.  LOL

Ryan and Ricky:  This was so creepily fantastic that I can’t even stand it!  The dance was incredibly unique and they were totally believable.  So much so that they were freaky looking as they danced.  I don’t have a clue why they ended up in the bottom 3.  Ricky gets on my nerves a bit, but I love Ryan and frankly it’s not about personality.  If you looking at their dancing skills they were way better than a lot of the other couples, especially Sasha and Alexander.

Caitlynn and Mitchell: What is it with dances this year bringing me to tears?  LOL  The emotion in this dance was just so beautiful, as were the moves.  The part where Caitlynn was doing the sideways splits and then jumps up and basically folds herself around Mitchell with her back to him, was unbelievable.  Another favorite dance of mine for the night.  Glad they didn’t end up in the bottom 3.

The girls group dance:  Why is it each week the women are killing men in their dances?  LOL  This dance was decent, but after the guys group dance there was no way this could hold a candle to it.


I think without a doubt Ashely was the right choice to go home.  Between her performances over the past few weeks and her solos, I just haven’t been all that impressed.  With the guys, however, I was a bit torn.  I ultimately think Chris was probably the right choice, but if you solely look at Tadd’s solo last night it definitely should’ve been him.  It was insanely underwhelming.  All in all though, I think the right choices were made.

Like usual below are a few of my favorite dances from the night.  Enjoy!


Review: New Chapter Turmeric Force – Detoxifying Herb, Fights Inflammation

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So last week I talked to you about New Chapter Holy Basil, which can be found at  Well today I’d like to talk to you about New Chapter product you can find at; it’s called Turmeric Force.  I was lucky enough to be picked to review this product and let me just say I was not disappointed!

I’ve had issues with my ankle for years.  Some days are worse than others, but no matter what I am in pain on a daily basis, which is why I jumped at the chance to review New Chapter Turmeric Force.  In order to try the supplement I was given 10 soft gel pills that were to be taken once a day.  It took a few days, but I did notice an improvement in how I was feeling, especially when waking up in the morning.  Along with ankle problems, I also have back issues and I noticed that both of these weren’t as painful.  Plus, without going into detail, I could tell the detoxifying herbs were working.  In general I just felt “better”.

As I stated before the Turmeric Force pill is a soft gel.  I love soft gels because they are so much easier for me to swallow.  I’m always having problems with pills getting stuck in my throat and that never happened with the Turmeric Force!

Another plus about Turmeric Force was that once I swallowed the soft gel I never tasted it again.  I’ve taken pills or supplements before that I will continue to taste for the entire day and it makes me sick to my stomach.  Thankfully that did not happen with this supplement.

My overall opinion on the Turmeric Force is that it is definitely worth trying if you want to detoxify and/or help inflammation.  I can honestly say that I miss taking the supplement and am going to be buying more very soon!  If you’d like to give it a try, make sure to stay tuned because there should be a giveaway from coming very soon! 🙂

What are the best memories you have of high school?

•July 7, 2011 • 4 Comments

There are 2 great memories I have from HS; the first one being friends.  I was completely new in my high school and very, very shy.  Going there forced me to come out of my shell in order to make friends and I’m still lucky to be friends with some of them today. 

The picture to the left is of me with my friends Erin and Melanie.  I’m going to guess we were in 9th grade…maybe 10th.  LOL  They will probably kill give me a really stern talking to, if they see that I’ve posted this pic.  Oh well!  Love you ladies! 😉

My other favorite memory of high school is my very last Psychology class, on my very last day, Senior year.  My teacher, Mrs. Agnello, sat our entire class down in a circle, a la kindergarten, and read us Oh the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Suess.  I had never heard to book before, but I instantly fell in love with it.  It was just a simple gesture and the perfect way to end my Senior year.  Thanks to her I now plan on giving my daughter an inscribed copy her first day of kindergarten that she can keep with her as she gets older.  I know it won’t mean that much to her then, but I hope it will when she’s old enough to understand the sentiment!

Your turn!  What are some of your best high school memories?  Please share them in the comments below!

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Top 5 TV Shows of All Time

•July 6, 2011 • 12 Comments

Well in my opinion anyway.  LOL

Those of you who’ve been reading my blog for awhile know that I’m a pop culture freak (if you don’t you haven’t been paying attention 😉 ).  In light of this I thought I’d share with you my top 5 tv shows of all time (in order) and then hopefully you’ll share yours too!

1. Veronica Mars:  Insanely well written, especially season 1.  Some of the best characters to ever grace my tv screen!  If you never watched this show, and you  probably didn’t cuz it only lasted for 3 seasons, you missed  out!  I’m  still waiting for the movie creator Rob Thomas promised the fans.  I’d definitely be in line opening night.

2.  The Cosby Show:  To this day hardly any family comedy holds up as well as this one.  Clare and Cliff Huxtable are one of the best written married couples of all time.  They had their trials and tribulations, but in the end they were madly in love with each other.  Even with all of their kids and their pressing jobs, they still managed to find time for each other.  Also, from the shows the family put on for the grandparents, to the hysterical friend of Rudy’s who wouldn’t talk and always ran away when they got in trouble…this show was full of laughs and heart.  In fact it contains one of my all time favorite tv episodes.  Does anyone remember when Theo thought he could easily afford to live in the real world, so his family decided to turn their home into the real world?  Love it!  Such a creative and funny way to get a point across to the viewing audience.  Mind you these are the pre-older niece comes to stay with the family days (can’t think of her name for the life of me…lol).

3.  Bones:  It is a rare occasion that I can honestly say that I like every single character on a tv show.  The actors and writing on this show are just phenomenal.  I want to say that Booth is my favorite because he’s so gallant.  He’s the tough guy with the soft core, who doesn’t feel like he is loveable, but then I look at Bones or Sweets or Angela or Hodgins, etc. and I can think of a million reasons to love each one of them too!  Easily one of the best procedural shows ever on TV.

4.  The X-Files: Though is should’ve ended when David Duchovny left the show.  This still stands out as one of greatest sci-fi shows ever.  I love how the show starts with Scully being sent to debunk Mulder’s work and how he gradually proves to her that things like “loss of time” and aliens do exist.  Not to mention that the “Cigarette Smoking Man” was one of the best villains ever.  I didn’t watch the first few seasons of The X-Files and I remember one holiday season FX did a back to back run of every episode in the series.  I think I watched 6 in a row and taped the rest.  I became completely addicted.  Also, the show is one of the few that was able to successfully take it to the big screen.  Even several years after the show had ended X-Files: I Want to Believe did well.

5. Cheers: Another funny show that still stands the test of time.   Even when Shelly Long left and Kirstie Alley took her spot, the show didn’t skip a beat.  Nothing makes me smile more than Carla’s crazy superstitions, the friendly “NORM!” you hear every time he walks through the door and sits on his usual stool, or the crazy stories that Cliff would tell.  The show is a classic and always will be.

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order):

2. Arrested Developement (this came extremely close to edging out Cheers)
3. Friends
4. Brothers & Sisters (soooo angry this show has been cancelled without a proper goodbye!!!)
5. Fringe

Okay it’s your turn!  I’m sure many don’t agree with me, so what is your top 5?  I’d love to hear them! 🙂

I have edited this post because I missed one of my all time favorite shows, that at the very least deserves an honorable mention, if not the 5th spot in my top 5.  Six Feet Under is by far one of the most unique and amazing shows I have ever seen.  Everybody on this show was so amazingly talented and it’s series finale is the best and most satisfying ever.  The last 5 mins or so set to Sia’s Breathe Me will always be etched in my mind.

Also, I was was writing the above I realized I forgot another honorable mention…Alias.  Can you tell I’m a TV addict?!? LOL

This post was written for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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I’m excited and honored to have been chosen as this week’s guest host of the Get Wired Wednesday Blog Hop Get Wired Wednesday Blog Hop sponsored by the wonderful ladies behind Victoria’s Voice and Three Boys and an Old Lady! 🙂


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