Patience? Yeah right!

I truly wish that I could learn how to be patient. The whole idea of patience is completely elusive to me. If I want something, waiting for it practically kills me. I swear if I had a remote for my life like in the movie “Click”, I’d probably fast forward 75% of my life away trying to get to the “good stuff”. It’s sad really. I don’t stop and enjoy the little things about my day. I’m always too excited for that party I want to go to or the moment when I’m going to meet a good friend for lunch. I wish I could figure out how to slow down and just enjoy life as it comes. I’m sure I’m missing out on the small stuff that makes life supposedly so great. But instead, as I type this, I’m wishing like crazy that the weekend were here. If I could just skip the rest of today and tomorrow I readily would. Sad huh? Surely I’m not alone in this thought, but that doesn’t make it right either. So I ask this…at the age of 30 is it too old to learn patience? Probably not. However, I’m pretty sure for me it’s a lost cause. I guess only time will tell. Now if only I knew someone who predict my future so I don’t have to wait to find out the answer… 😉


~ by lisa pollard on July 9, 2009.

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